We're On Our Way To Reviving the Store At Five Corners

On January 27th, 2022, the Store at Five Corners Stewardship Association (SAFCSA) finalized its purchase of the historic Store at Five Corners, at the intersection of Routes 7 and 43 in Williamstown. SAFCSA is a new non-profit organization formed in the fall of 2021 to purchase and maintain the Store, and has now closed on the sale of this iconic property.

Board President Karen Charbonneau said, “SAFCSA is immensely pleased with reaching the first major milestone to achieve the short and long-term goals of saving, reviving and sustaining the Store. It’s a community treasure, with a very long history and the potential for a very bright future. The purchase also wouldn’t have been possible without the enormous support and generosity from many community members who stepped up to provide the resources necessary for this major undertaking. But we’re now just over halfway to our overall goal of $1.2 to 1.5 million needed not only to purchase the Store, but also to establish an endowment to pay for immediate repairs as well as longer-term capital projects.”


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You are currently on the website that belongs to the non-profit organization called  "The Store At Five Corners Stewardship Association, Inc.". Our mission is to preserve and protect the Store at Five Corners and it's property. We'd love for you to read more about what we're doing and how you can help.

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If you were looking for the website for the recently re-opened Store at Five Corners business, you'll want to click the button below. Once you're done there, come back here and join us 🙂

The Store at Five Corners Cafe and Market to Open August 16 at 7:00am

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   The Store at Five Corners Cafe and Market to Open August 16 at 7:00am Williamstown, MA- August 12, 2022 -  After much anticipation, Chef Corey Wentworth is delighted to announce the opening of his cafe and market located in the Store at Five...


We need your help to make this happen. Every donation gets us one step closer to our goals.

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As you travel North on Route 7 or East on Route 43, suddenly you see a stunning, stately vision of the past and present, standing proudly as the gateway to the “Village Beautiful”, Williamstown, MA.

The Store at Five Corners is an historical building that had served the people in this community for over 239 years, until it closed for the first time in 2011. Until then, it was one of the longest continuously operating stores in our country’s history.

The Store started as a place to meet and connect with friends and neighbors while enjoying some refreshment. That is what it continued to be until it closed. Until its very recent purchase by a new non-profit organization, the Store had remained unprotected from development, decay, and even demolition.

Survey Results

An Overwhelming Survey Response by 134 Members of Our Community.

• Importance to the community (1 to 10): avg. 8.9, 54% at 10.
• Importance to you/your family (1 to 10): avg. 8.7, 48% at 10.
• Believe a general goods/food store should operate at 5 Corners (1 to 10): avg. 9.1, 73% at 10
• 89% prefer that the store be independent (59% strongly prefer).
*Results tabulated on first 131 responses

The most common things mentioned in the comments were the convenience of not having to drive into town for milk, bread, and other last-minute items, the pleasure of meeting friends there for lunch or coffee, and the sense of the place as a community hub.